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Denver Pain and Spine offers the most comprehensive medical and minimally invasive therapies for pain and spine-related injuries and disorders.

Daniel S Bennett, MD, DABPM, is an anesthesiologist/pain medicine physician and Colorado’s leading pain doctor.  He is a nationally and internationally recognized expert in interventional spine and pain related disorders.  He is the founder and Chairman of the Global Pain Initiative (http://www.globalpaininitiative.org).

With over 25 years of experience, his interests include spine injury, spinal cord injury, nerve injury, and related pain syndromes.

Dr. Bennett also is applying the new techniques of regenerative medicine, utilizing stem cells and regenerative matrix to treat major joints as well as spine, to promote regenerative healing.

Dr. Bennett subspecializes in neuromodulation; the application of implantable devices in the treatment of pain. Because he has performed thousands of these procedures, he is recognized globally for his expertise in the application of electrical neuromodulation for the control of neuropathic disorders including complex regional pain syndrome, plexopathies, dorsal nerve root injuries, and certain forms of facial pain and migraine headaches.

Whether you’ve experienced an accident, a sports-related injury, or have chronic back or neck pain,  Denver Pain and Spine is dedicated to providing each patient with a comprehensive evaluation and treatment utilizing the most effective and least-intrusive techniques available.

Our personalized treatment approach ensures that our clients receive the highest level of medical and interventional services specifically designed to meet their unique health needs.

Our goal is to help each patient achieve a successful recovery so they can enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.


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Dr. Bennett will target the location of the pain, help you understand what’s causing the pain, and develop a treatment plan to eliminate or reduce your pain.

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