COVID-19 Update


We realize what a trying time it is for everyone.  It is important that you know we are here for your injury and pain needs.  Our staff is working hard to ensure that you can be seen in a safe environment.

Some of the changes you will notice are:

    1. Only patients will be allowed in our waiting area (unless special needs require a caregiver).


    1. A staff member will call you prior to your appointment with important questions regarding potential exposure to or symptoms of COVID-19.


    1. Upon arrival, your temperature will be taken, and important follow up questions will be asked.


    1. You will be asked to wear a mask when in the office; NO GLOVES please … gloves pick up all sorts of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens – we want to keep the office environment as free of these “bugs” as possible for you and us.


    1. Only three patients are permitted within the building at any one time to provide social distancing as well as allowing a staff member to perform area disinfections – we are working hard to offer appointments at time intervals to make this possible – please bear with us should we have to increase our wait time to optimize your safety.


    1. We have special half days assigned for our patients who have known immunodeficiencies or comprised immunity that need 1:1 evaluation – on these days only one patient (and caregiver if necessary) will be allowed in the building at a time, which our staff to disinfect all areas after each person is seen.


    1. For patients who have a confirmed exposure and are in quarantine, or those who have tested positive for COVID-19, we will evaluate you via telephone/teleconference and then assist the person whom you designate (i.e., who will pick up your prescriptions and deliver to your doorstep) so that your care is optimized.


    1. ALL elective procedures have been postponed. If we determine that you require a procedure to keep you out of an emergency department or to prevent nerve injury (while you are awaiting surgical intervention from your neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon), we will make appropriate arrangements with one of our ambulatory surgical partners to provide these essential services.  Rest assured that we will not permit you to be abandoned during these trying times.


  1. If you have recently been injured and need evaluation, please call our office to obtain all of the new patient forms so that we have all information prior to your visit – with disinfection precautions, we can only have one new patient in our facility at a time. We completely understand that injuries cannot be properly evaluated over the phone or on a computer screen – we remain here to help you!