Financial Solutions

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At Denver Pain and Spine, PC, we understand that one of the key elements in obtaining the care you need is financial planning.

Our staff is ready to assist you in determining your current coverage as well as directing you to sources for additional coverage.

Auto Insurance/Injury Finance Liens

We accept all major auto plans and you can utilize these until you meet MedPay benefits.

Be aware that you cannot utilize your normal healthcare insurance for an auto-related injury until you have exhausted the Medical Benefits of your primary auto policy.

Also, understand that many commercial insurance plans do not cover the latest in therapy (i.e., stem cells and regenerative matrix).

Our staff can assist you in obtaining financing for your auto injury so that you can proceed with your preferred treatment plan.

Commercial Insurance

We are in-network for the following companies:

For commercial insurance plans for which we are out-of-network, we will bill your carrier (as a courtesy); should your insurance carrier reimburse you, we will apply payment against our customary rates.

If you have Medicare, be aware that despite any other insurance coverage you may have, Medicare becomes the primary insurance — as we are not a participating member of Medicare, we cannot bill your secondary insurance plan. One of our representatives can discuss our cash pay rates and work out financial details with you.

Injury Financing

We have contracted with the following injury financing companies to assist with auto injury or slip & fall injuries:

We also accept cash and debit cards.

Medicare & Medicaid

We do not participate in Medicare or Medicaid.

If you have Medicare, all insurance carriers consider this your primary healthcare insurance, therefore you will not be able to apply any secondary insurance for professional fees.

All of the facilities in which Dr. Bennett works accept Medicare and Medicaid, so facility fees are covered for most common procedures.

We offer attractive cash prices for professional services rendered to you by Dr. Bennett. Please ask our staff.

Workman’s Compensation

We accept all Colorado Workman’s Compensation compliant with the Colorado Worker’s Compensation Act.

Note: Your employer has the right in the first instance to designate the medical provider that injured employees must use. If your employer does not do so at the time of the injury, you may choose your own medical provider.

Workman’s Compensation
(Outside of Colorado)

Out of state workman’s compensation is accepted provided your attorney and case adjuster agree to our payment schedule and terms by contract. Our staff can assist you in coordinating these arrangements prior to your visit.

For out of state workman’s compensation, you are ultimately responsible to ensure timely payment.


As TriCare requires participating physicians to accept Medicare, we will no longer accept TriCare as of January 1, 2018.

We support our military men and women and their families and are saddened that this is the state of affairs. Our staff can work with you, however, for competitive cash rates.